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BIWIN ePOP Chips Enables Smart Wearables Innovation

Date:2022/03/11 Read:1316

The Apple M1 chip has a prominent edge for its superior performance per watt. It can stack up against the peak performance of competitive PC processors via using only one-quarter of its power consumption. With the advanced manufacturing processes, it also benefits from directly integrating the memory architecture into the SoC chip via M1 chip, which shortens the distance between computing and storage. In reality, this design concept of lessening the distance between APs and memory chips has long been widely applied to high-end smart wearables. For example, BIWIN E100 series ePOP chips coupled with eMMC and LPDDR are directly mounted on CPUs. This reduces the transmission distance between current signals while decreasing the occupied area to deliver superb performance and low power consumption.


BIWIN packs eMMC 5.1 and LPDDR 3 in the E100 series ePOP chip. Measured at 10 mm x 10 mm, its maximum sequential read and write speeds are 310 MB/s and 240 MB/s, respectively. LPDDR delivers a maximum frequency of 933 MHz. This series includes 8 GB + 1 GB, 32 GB + 1 GB, 16 GB + 2 GB, 32 GB + 2 GB and other specifications.

ePOP Solutions for Smart Wearables


These chip's excellent performance and quality have earned us wide recognition from partners in smart wearables. This series of products have passed the Qualcomm certification and other processor platforms, winning the honor of “The Best Memory of the Year” for the World Electronics Achievement Awards and “The Best Memory of the Year” for the Hardcore Chinese Chips. Our E100 series has been supplied in bulk to major global smart wearable manufacturers such as Google and Facebook, applied to smart wearables such as smartwatches and VR glasses. To meet customer needs, we will roll out new ePOP products with the smallest size in the industry, only measured at 8 mm x 9.5 mm x 0.79 mm.

ePOP E100

Backed by advanced manufacturing processes and cutting-edge packaging technology, the coverage of smart wearables has increasingly become extensive. With smaller sizes, lower power consumption, and higher performance, embedded memory can render a longer battery life, a miniaturized design, and a better user experience of smart wearables. On top of the ePOP series, we own a complete product system for embedded memory chips, including SPI NAND, eMMC/UFS, LPDDR, eMCP/uMCP, BGA SSD, etc. These products can bolster the innovation of terminals such as smart wearables, drones, and smartphones to help customers succeed.



BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (“BIWIN”) produces high-quality flash storage and memory-- and is known in consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware, and storage algorithms.

BIWIN's experience in production (also along with its complete in-house IC packaging, testing, and SMT production lines) ensures BIWIN products are superior in performance, earning BIWIN many awards and a reputation for providing global customers with high-quality storage and memory products. The company's latest facility, the BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Campus, features a state-of-the-art R&D lab and 110,000 m2 of production.


Product line: embedded memory chip, USB storage module, memory card, solid-state drive, package testing