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SiP (System in Package) integrates multiple functional chips, including processors, memory and other functional chips, into one package. SiP technology is not just an integrated circuit package containing multiple chips. SiP chip is an integrated circuit with one or more different functions. It may contain passive components and/or MEMS and be assembled in a single standard package to form a system or subsystem. The advantage of SiP packaging technology is the ability to integrate multiple IC, packaging and testing technologies, creating highly integrated products with optimized cost, scale and performance.

SiP Design Model Selection

SiP has advantages both in terms of size and development flexibility. It is also widely used in computer, automotive electronics, medical electronics, military electronics, consumable electronics and other fields. SiP design has a good EMI suppression and can reduce the anti-EMI work for system integration customers. It uses less circuit board space, so that the end-product design has more imaginary space; lighter, thinner and more stylish design increases product added value. Therefore, from the perspective of product sales, system-level packaging has strong market competitiveness. Relying on its own cutting-edge resources and advanced packaging technology, BIWIN has independently developed a series of SiP modules to help intelligent products become smaller but appealing!

SiP Customization Process

BIWIN broke through the technical problems of multi-device and multi-dimensional packaging and testing and is also taking the lead in the industry ’s SiP solutions. BIWIN also introduced a series of miniaturized module products based on SiP packaging and testing. Among them are the first wireless charging receiver module based on SiP, small size, waterproof, dustproof and easy to assemble; the world’s first intelligent wristband module based on SiP package, designed especially for miniaturized smart wearable devices and integrates Bluetooth module and 3-axis accelerometer; the advantages of low power consumption are typically applied to smart watches, smart bracelets, and other; also, Wi-Fi modules based on SiP are widely used in smart home and IoT. Based on SiP packaging and testing, the P10 mobile SSD has ultra-thin, waterproof and dustproof features, high-temperature resistance and personalized customization, which opens up new paths for consumable mobile storage.


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