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Smart Wearable Devices

With the development of technology, many technology companies begin to conduct smart wearable device design. Smart wearable devices represented by Apple smart watch and Google glasses are developed more and more and start to come into people's field of vision. The technology of smart wearable devices is complex; the miniaturization of electronic components makes smart wearable devices exhibit more possibilities. The storage solution of BIWIN’s smart wearable devices can minimize the storage size and closely combine with the customer's product scheme, to meet the customer's requirements in performance, specification, interface mode and other aspects.


Miniaturized memory, contributing to the rise of smart wearable devices

The product positioning of smart wearable devices determines that the storage and control chips of its electronic units need to be miniaturized and minimized as much as possible. The minimum size of BIWIN’s embedded storage products which are applied in smart wearable devices is 11.5mm*13mm, which fully meets the miniaturization design requirements of smart wearable devices and leaves room for other components of the smart wearable devices.


Highly customized, to meet the needs of different smart wearable products

Smart wearable devices are still in a growth stage and are of various kinds; there not yet formed industry standards, as it is a difficult process. In terms of storage solutions, BIWIN’s technical team has become an indirect participant in customers’ product development since they get to know customers’ requirements, and they constantly adjust in performance, stability, safety, durability, strength and other aspects until the customer products are successfully produced on a mass scale.


Multiple protection technologies, to ensure the stable operation of storage applications

Smart wearable devices have been used in fluid and changing environment for a long time, and their internal memory may face abnormal conditions such as water immersion and high-frequency vibration. BIWIN provides IC bottom filling technology for storage products of smart wearable devices, to improve the reliability of products in vibration environments. Besides, in addition to the customer's waterproof solutions, BIWIN provides customized conformal coating technology, which also adds a layer of protection for the product.

Application: Smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, smart clothes, and etc.


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