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Game Entertainment

For electronic game equipment, including electronic entertainment equipment which is used for gambling, the first thing is to ensure the stable operation of the game rules while bringing a carefree experience to game players. The storage solution in the gaming equipment should exhibit a high-speed reading and writing performance and should ensure data security. At the same time, the reliability of the storage solution of the gaming equipment is also very important, considering the fact that game entertainment operation venues operates for 24 hours.


High-speed reading and writing, allowing players to indulge in the pleasure of gaming

The response speed of game operations is one of the core factors affecting the gaming experience, and the support of the hard disk reading and writing speed for the response speed of game runs throughout the game. In the process of installing, starting, operating and saving the game, the game data stored by SSD needs to be read or written. The game entertainment SSD product provided by BIWIN adopts the NVMe high-speed protocol, with the maximum continuous reading and writing speed reaching 3500MB/s and 2900MB/s, respectively, which can shorten the time of game installation, loading and archiving, thereby bringing a smooth experience to game players.


Double security protection, to prevent cheating in game

Tampering with or cheating in game data may affect the fair game experience of game players, or even lead to operating losses of game entertainment venues. In terms of game data protection, it is crucial to effectively prevent illegal data from being written in. BIWIN’s game entertainment storage products support the hardware AES’s advanced encryption functionality, and provide customers with corresponding encryption software customization services, to ensure the safety of game data.


High reliability, supporting the long-term operation of game equipment

BIWIN game entertainment products have high reliability and durability. BIWIN’s game SSD garbage data recovery mechanism is capable of sorting and optimizing the fragmented space of Flash in advance, to avoid repeated space erasure; BIWIN Wear Levelling technology makes the game data be written in every block of Flash in a balanced way, to avoid block damage caused by too many times of erasure in a single block. In addition, considering that game equipment may be operated by players with brute force, BIWIN adopts IC bottom filling technology and customized reinforced interface to prevent storage products from being affected by mechanical operations.

Application: Handheld game machines, claw cranes, mahjong machines, desktop gaming machines, lottery machines, slot machines, gambling servers, electronic roulette machines.


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