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Special Industrial Applications

In industrial storage applications, there are some storage application scenarios with extreme temperature differences, high sulfur pollution, 24/7 hours of uninterrupted operations and other special environments, such as some industrial, mining and chemical enterprises, continuous operation automation equipment, and factory monitoring. This kind of special industrial application environment poses a serious challenge to the storage solution. BIWIN’s special industrial application storage solution integrates its own special technology to solve the problems one by one.


Wide temperature screening overcomes great temperature difference

BIWIN supports memory to work in -40℃ to 85℃ through different collocation designs of master control and flash memory, as well as wide temperature test screening for flash particles.


Anti-vulcanization treatment

In the environment of industrial, mining and chemical enterprises with high sulfur gas concentration, BIWIN prevents the vulcanization of parts that will occur in the storage module and will affect the function, so as to ensure the normal operation of the module.


V-REC supports high density reading and writing without decelerating

For factory monitoring, BIWIN adopts V-REC to carry out special SSD firmware adjustment, which can keep the high density writing of monitoring data from decelerating. At the same time, it is equipped with a smart temperature control technology to prevent the running temperature from being too high, so as to support the all-weather, continuous and simultaneous recording of multiple HD cameras and to minimize the image frames being dropped.

Application: Industrial, mining and chemical enterprises, security monitoring, industrial production equipment

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