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Video Monitoring

Security monitoring equipment records real facts and true images. Its wide use not only effectively maintains the security of public space, but also adds a defense for the security of private space. With the improvement of definition of monitoring cameras and the enhancement of the computing capabilities of computers, security monitoring is developing towards a higher order. The writing, reading and use of security monitoring data are all faced with performance upgrading requirements, among which the stability of data recording is the most important basis for security monitoring.


"007" 24/7 hours monitoring without any loss for 100% images

Data loss at any time in the security monitoring application is a potential security hazard, which may cause a lack of traceability of the implicated events. BIWIN adopts V-REC to carry out special SSD firmware adjustments, which can keep the high density writing of monitoring data from decelerating, so as to support the all-weather, continuous and simultaneous recording of multiple HD cameras and to minimize the image frames being dropped. In the case of an unexpected power failure, BIWIN SSD’s power failure protection function will be turned on to provide power for the cache block, thereby ensuring that the data is completely written into flash memory.


High speed reading and analysis of monitoring data, to improve the efficiency of the monitoring information application

The information stored in security monitoring is huge and complex. The efficient screening and utilization of monitoring information requires a lot of data analysis, which must be supported by high-speed data reading. BIWIN monitoring storage’s SSD and DRAM modules are of different sizes and specifications, with excellent reading and writing performance, which fully meets such requirements of smart security monitoring upgrading as face recognition, population statistics and feature recognition.


Fast removal of sensitive and confidential data

For some confidential and sensitive application environments, the data stored on the monitoring hard disk needs to be completely destroyed at certain times. BIWIN’s security monitoring storage solution provides a physical destruction technology, using high voltage and a large current to destroy each Flash and master control one by one, thereby preventing data leakage.

Application: Network Attached Storage (NAS), Network Video Recorder (NVR), Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


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