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BIWIN STORAGE Joined the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association

Date:2022/09/15 Read:1573

Recently, Mr. Chen Huijun, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, visited BIWIN, and awarded the plaque of the vice-chairman unit. Mr. Sam Sun, Chairman of BIWIN, and Mr. Cai, Deputy General Manager treated Mr. Chen cordially, and the two parties had in-depth exchanges on the development of the association, the prospects of the industry, and the trend of automotive storage.


The automotive sector is trending towards electrification of the powertrain, autonomous driving, connected vehicles and sharing mobility. Automotive storage products are playing a vital role in driving the market growth. According to new analysis by IHS Markit, the automotive chip market growth is estimated to grow from USD 4 million to USD 8.2 million at a CAGR of 15.4%. At the same time, data interaction generated by intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving, head unit and interconnection system puts forward higher requirements on capacity and data security of auto chips.


As a large-scale industry organization in China, the SZAEIA aims to providing its business members industry information sharing, business matching, policy services and financial services to promote the sound and orderly development of the industry. BIWIN will leverage its

product and technical advantages in in-vehicle storage, bringing tangible results for the development of the association and the growth of the auto industry as well.


Having the edge over rugged design, wide voltage, wide temperature, conformal coating, electromagnetic immunity, and power failure protection, BIWIN has expanded its landscape in the field of in-vehicle storage, and rolled out a series of products including SSD, BGA SSD, DDR, UFS, Micro SD and more. BIWIN’s products are mainly used in ar navigation system, in-vehicle entertainment system,digital video recorder, advanced driver-assistance system, rail transit, etc, meeting the IATF16949 standard. It is notable that BIWIN plays an active role in making automotive storage products covering BGA SSD, UFS, and LPDDR. BIWIN pays much attention to every link across the production to meet customers’ needs.


It is worth mentioning that BIWIN actively plans to build BGA SSD, UFS, LPDDR and other vehicle-grade storage. Through the management throughout every link of customer demand, product development, packaging and testing manufacturing, etc., it can ensure that automotive customers have a good understanding of vehicle-grade products. demand.


Serving as a Vice Chairman Unit of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, BIWIN is also a Member Unit of China Semiconductor Industry Association, Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee, and China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles. In addition, it was selected as a Director Unit of China Security Semiconductor Industry Alliance, a Member Unit of Guangdong Integrated Circuit Industry Association, a President Unit of Storage Branch of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, a Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Semiconductor Association, an Executive member unit of Smart Terminal Storage Association, and a Member Unit of JEDEC Solid State Technology Association.


In the future, BIWIN will be committed to bridge upstream and downstream manufacturers, and work together with other associations and industry players to bring more innovative storage resolutions.

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