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Visit BIWIN in Las Vegas on January 5th-8th 2023

Date:2022/12/29 Read:1597

WYNN Tower

BIWIN, a leader in flash storage and DRAM, will be in Las Vegas for January 5-8th 2023.

BIWIN offers an invitation to customers, prospects, and press to visit with our executives from across the globe.

We’ll be based at the WYNN Tower Salon Suites.

Let us know your interest and availability to sit, chat, have a drink and talk about some of the latest in flash storage for embedded, industrial, consumer, and custom applications.

Our experts can answer your questions about the future of consumer storage, the changing landscape of embedded storage for devices, and the different opportunities with storage chips and solutions such as eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, BGA eSSD, UFS, small footprint computers, USB DOM, DDR, LPDDR, and more…

BIWIN Storage

You’ll find our storage chips in some of the world’s largest brands of consumer electronics– from wearables to smartphones to IoT devices to small form computing devices and other.

You’ll find our storage solutions hard at work in every continent, working for the world’s largest companies in factories, hospitals, transport, esports, oil rigs, data centers, and numerous custom applications.

We also offer, under official license from Top Tier PC brands, several lines of personal storage products (SSDs, DRAM, portable storage, memory cards, USB) for the office (and home and remote workers), gamers, and content creators.

These award-winning products earn great reviews from the world’s top experts in memory and storage. Our branded SSDs, memory modules, portable storage, memory cards, and USBs are found across the globe in major retailers/ etailers and resellers.

Take the time to visit BIWIN where our win-win philosophy extends even to our hotel choice…the WYNN!

We’re in the Wynn Tower Suites from Jan. 5th-8th, 2023. Please reach out to us to meet for the first time, to renew acquaintances, or to hear from our experts.

Please email for your invitation or to set up a meeting.