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BIWIN Launches Highly Durable pSLC SSDs

Date:2023/03/17 Read:1853

BIWIN Launches Highly Durable pSLC SSDs with More Than 100,000 P/E Cycles

As industrial applications-- AIoT, UAV, and rail transportation require higher endurance and reliability of storage products, mainstream TLC SSDs need to further improve their performance and lifespan. Among 4 basic SSD storage cells: SLC, MLC, TLC, and QLC, SLC stands out from the rest for its overall performance and high endurance. However, its low data density makes SLC the most expensive type of NAND. To provide high-performance storage solutions with high endurance in a cost-efficiency way, BIWIN brings its self-developed pSLC (Pseudo SLC) SSD backed by the advanced LDPC code.

pSLC can make TLC function like SLC by storing only one data bit per cell instead of two or three through a special flash management optimization algorithm to achieve superior performance, reliability and endurance. It effectively reduces cost and breaks the bottleneck in SSD's lifespan, offering 20-30 times higher P/E cycles (namely 100,000 P/E cycles even in in temperatures as high as 85 ℃) and enhanced lifespan.


During the development of pSLC, BIWIN has conducted in-depth research on the characteristics of storage cell. Characteristics of storage cell under different conditions help a lot in optimizing the pSLC firmware algorithm design.

TLC SSDs are budget-friendly choices, but there is a large room for improvement in SSD's performance, reliability, and lifespan. That helps explain why pSLC SSD can be a cost-effective alternative to TLC for enterprises.

LDPC dramatically accelerates error coding through NAND hard decision, data transfer to the controller, and hard decision decoding. When the soft-decision decoding is necessary, combined with control algorithms, it can track the NAND flash threshold voltage to reduce the original error rate of NAND flash reads and provide accurate soft decision, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. Compared to BCH, LDPC offers higher correction capabilities, faster correction speed and reduced cost, which significantly enhances SSD's performance and P/E cycles.

Therefore, compared to BCH error correction, LDPC error correction technology has better correction capability and faster speed, and also significantly reduces the loss, which not only improves the performance of SSD, but also significantly enhances and extends the erase life of SSD.

BIWIN launched the wide-temperature series products for industrial applications, and the newly added pSLC lineup will provide customers with higher levels of performance, endurance, and more accessible price. We have a new generation of pSLC NAND-based SSDs with a variety of form factors and capacities to offer, please stay tuned to our social medias and website for all the news on our upcoming products.

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