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BIWIN Works Together with Rockchip to Build the AIoT Ecosystem at RKDC 2023

Date:2023/03/06 Read:686

Recently, BIWIN was invited to attend the 7th Rockchip Developer Conference held in Fuzhou. This conference includes one main forum, six technology forums, two workshops, thirty-seven exhibition areas for eco-partners, and thirteen exhibition areas for chip applications, showcasing the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, and the latest technology trend in the industry.

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As an eco-partner of Rockchip, BIWN brings a variety of storage solutions to empower empowers digital intelligent industries. BIWIN mainly focus on its storage products for various applications, including eMMC, UFS, LPDDR, BGA SSD, embedded memory chips, 2.5-inch SATA SSD, M.2 SATA SSD, M.2 PCIe SSD, etc. BIWIN products are mainly applied to smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, POS, self-service terminals, industrial automation, medical health, edge computing, and more. BIWIN has a long-term good relationship with Rockchip, and all its BGA SSD have passed RK3588 platform certification.

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BIWIN is a storage solutions provider in the AIoT industry, willing to share its insights towards the industry with all participants and developers at RKDC 2023. BIWIN will forge win-win cooperation with other industry players to build the AIoT ecosystem.