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BIWIN Will Await You at the Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition (June 14-16)

Date:2019/08/05 Read:3042

The chip semiconductor industry is an important part of products made in China. Under the background of steady growth of the global semiconductor industry, China's domestic wafer factories and silicon wafer factories expanded significantly in the last two years. Together with the appearance of numerous application backgrounds such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, virtual reality, smart grids, satellite navigation, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and industrial internet applications, and 5G communication, as well as large amount of investment and guidance made by national and local governments in IC chip manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials, the semiconductor chip industry will develop at more than 20% of growth rate in the next few years.
The 2019 Shenzhen International Semiconductor Manufacturing Exhibition & Summit Forum will be held together with the 4th Shenzhen International Mobile Phone 3C Smart Manufacturing Exhibition at the same time, which will bring in industry experts and capital giants, offer opportunities to hold conversations with factories providing design, manufacturing, testing, materials and equipment and to share the industry's fortunes. As an important IC packaging and testing manufacturers in South China, BIWIN is invited to attend the event.
By virtue of this exhibition, BIWIN will display many of our technical solutions: for example, mature 16-layer stack technology; SiP packaging solutions with multi-device and multi-dimensional packaging and testing--wireless charging modules, smart watch modules, Wi-Fi modules, mobile SSD P10, BGA SSD, ePOP which is about 60% smaller than the traditional offering, ultra-small size eMMC (8*8*0.9mm), etc.
Since BIWIN established its first IC packaging and testing factory , it has accumulated dozens of patents in the packaging and testing field through unremitting efforts and technical breakthroughs. The good product rate of packaged and tested products has been consistently higher than 99.7%, reaching the world's most advanced level. Taking memory chips as an example, over 900 million pieces of chip have been shipped in the past 10 years, which has won wide trust and recognition in the industry. With advanced technology and strong production capacity, BIWIN provides one-stop IC services from product model selection, feasibility assessment, customized design and development, test and verification, to production and manufacturing, offering support for emerging applications and smart applications in AI, Internet of Things and other fields. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit BIWIN's booth, experience BIWIN packaging, testing, and storage products and services, and work together to explore the unlimited potential of chip industry upgrading.