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BIWIN Rolled out Its Vehicle Storage on CITE 2021

Date:2021/04/25 Read:1181

The recent days witnessed the grand show of 2021 CITE in Shenzhen Convention Center. BIWIN made a wonderful debut with the theme of "vehicle storage, leaded by chips", and multi-dimensionally showcased its various storage schemes for vehicle applications. Exhibits are mainly vehicle series products such as C1004, CP001, SD card. And industrial control A, B, G, M series, as well as a full series of industrial control storage products such as embedded SSD are also all on display. As such, many related industries came to visit and consult.

The popularization of vehicle monitoring systems highlights the value of vehicle storage

Vehicle monitoring system is an essential part in intelligent transportation. It can visually supervise the moving vehicles and people, and provide functions such as vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, rapid response to accidents, and restoration of the scene after the incident. In order to strengthen the security and management of commercial vehicles, the vehicle monitoring system is widely applied to bus, sanitation vehicles, taxis, etc.

However, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle monitoring system, monitoring data storage schemes must endure the challenges of frequent power outages, unstable voltages, large temperature differential, large data storage, dramatic vibrations, strong interference and more. Viewing that, BIWIN team of industrial control concentrated on tackling key problems, provided targeted technical solutions, and successfully implemented several vehicle monitoring projects.

A Vehicle Monitoring Scheme for Customer

BIWIN 2.5 inch SSD C1004

BIWIN C1004 and its flanker CP001 fully meet the high requirements for stability and reliability of vehicle monitoring systems. They can ensure high-definition surveillance video the all-weather, continuous, stable and safe recording and storage of signal data.

Multi-dimensional Focus of Industrial Storage

Multiple technical schemes adopted in vehicle monitoring project are backed by the solid R&D strength of BIWIN team. In this project, BIWIN has optimized and even redesigned several modules developed by storage algorithms and firmware. Such experiences have helped the team to further integrate and extend the technical solutions, and successfully radiate to other related fields.

Multi-dimensional Focus of Industrial Storage

Considering the particularity and difference of customer needs in the industry, BIWIN has established a professional sales team, an efficient FAE team, and a full-time quality team to dock and provide services. The burst of technology accumulation and the industry reputation brought by due diligence have made BIWIN industrial storage be known and recognized by many more customers.

Industry-ecology-oriented to Cultivate the Terminal Application Storage

At the Semiconductor Memory Innovation Forum held concurrently with the exhibition, Yang Liu, the head of BIWIN's smart terminal storage division, was invited to give a speech entitled "Professional Storage Empowers Application Innovation". He also shared audiences with BIWIN's innovative layout and experience in the memory field. He mentioned that BIWIN has established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with upstream wafer and main control manufacturers. With its own powerful storage algorithms and firmware development capabilities, under the support of advanced packaging technology, its product line has achieved full-dimensional coverage of industrial storage, IT innovation storage, intelligent terminal  storage chips and consumer storage.

For the complicated storage needs of downstream customers, BIWIN can provide efficient modular customized services. It screens and combines the existing product matrix and technical routes, quickly brings forth solutions, and ensures the compatibility and stability of the final mass-produced products. Liu also shared audiences with many innovative cases of BIWIN in the terminal application field.

The implementation of 5G communication boosts the amount of cloud-to-end-to-edge computing data. To realize the data value, we must develop memory as a starting point. BIWIN, a leader in the field of terminal application storage, will continue to step up innovation and integrated applications. It will back customers with high-quality storage products and professional storage solutions. As such, it helps customers obtain data value in the information explosion era to gain an competitive edges.



BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited ("BIWIN") produces high-quality flash storage and memory-- and is known in consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware, and storage algorithms.

BIWIN's experience in production (also along with its complete in-house IC packaging, testing, and SMT production lines) ensures BIWIN products are superior in performance, earning BIWIN many awards and a reputation for providing global customers with high-quality storage and memory products. The company's latest facility, the BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Campus, features a state-of-the-art R&D lab and 110,000 ㎡ of production.


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