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BIWIN ePOP E100 wins "Memory of the Year"

Date:2021/11/19 Read:1304

BIWIN wins the World Electronics Achievement Award "Memory of the Year" for its memory chip ePOP E100 at the 2021 Global CEO Summit.

BIWIN ePOP E100 Won the Annual Memory Award

It's the "Memory of the Year" for BIWIN at the awards ceremony at the Global CEO Summit

BIWIN's award-winning embedded memory chip combines eMMC and LPDDR and uses a vertically mounted stacking approach on the top of the CPU to bring the memory closer to the CPU. Developed for smart wearable devices, the design of the ePOP E100 helps it to achieve higher performance and a better transmission rate.

The size is only 10×10×0.9 mm, minimizing the space required on the motherboard. Compared to the typical approach, the E100 reduces the onboard area by 60%, freeing up valuable real estate on the motherboard for other component functions.

As well as the reduced onboard area, the E100 offers excellent integration and high performance for the high-speed, energy-saving, thin-and-compact needs of smart devices such as smartphones and watches. Currently, this chip is being specified by leading wearable device manufacturers across the globe, including several manufacturers in the top tier known as FAANG.

BIWIN's ePOP E100 won this World Electronics Achievement Award despite competition in the Memory category from nominated products from Infineon, Western Digital, SMART, Micron, GigaDevice, Longsys, and others.

It's the fourth year of the Double Summits (the Global CEO Summit held with the Global Distribution & Supply Chain Leader Summit) hosted by AspenCore. This year the high-level Global CEO Summit had the theme, New Global Strategies for Industry, and in attendance were 70 top electronics industry executives from China, the United States, and Europe.

AspenCore is a global media publisher with electronics titles (including EE Times, EDN, Embedded, and more) that reach more than 15 million technologists, designers, engineers, and managers with their news, authoritative analysis, industry trends, and daily information on new technology.

BIWIN's CEO, Mr. John He, was invited to this Summit's round-table discussion on the topic of "New Models of Global Technological Innovation Cooperation." CEOs of major firms such as ARM, Imagination, GigaDevice, and CHIPONE joined in, using the social digital transformation as a starting point to investigate the present and look ahead to the future.

Global CEO Summit

A round-table discussion with CEOs of ARM, Imagination, GigaDevice, CHIPONE, and BIWIN

In the context of the digital transformation movement, the BIWIN CEO underlined the need to couple storage technology with application scenarios. A digital society is built upon data. The heart of data is storage, and chips are at the heart of storage. Semiconductor memory sets the groundwork for 5G and society's digital revolution and, as a result, the storage chip industry's future appears bright.

BIWIN CEO makes a speech

Mr. John He, CEO, BIWIN Technology addresses the Summit during a CEO round-table discussion

In-memory calculating, near-memory calculating, and Ethernet-based SSD are examples of application technology advancements, noted by Mr. He. There are other signs of technical progress, such as new combinations of volatile and non-volatile storage creating next-generation media such as MRAM, PRAM, and RRAM.

Recognized internationally for its expertise in high-end NAND and DRAM memory R&D, P&T, and production technologies and—with products such as the award-winning ePOP E100-- BIWIN looks forward to meeting the high performance, high capacity, low latency, and low power consumption needs of next-generation automotive electronics, consumer electronics, IoT, data center storage, industrial electronics, as well as other industries.