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BIWIN SSD is characterized by fast transmission speeds, low consumption of system resources, low power consumption, and low noise. It has a built-in automatic error correction function (ECC). Innovative and efficient energy management technology can extend working time and achieve stable performance while ensuring low latency. Through the hybrid combination of "BIWIN mSATA SSD+ traditional hard disk", using mSATA SSD as a cache disk can greatly improve the system speed and help you enjoy the large capacity storage space of traditional mechanical hard disks.


1,Capacity: mSATA( 3.0Gb/s): SLC/MLC:8GB~128GB

mSATA( 6.0Gb/s): SLC/pSLC/MLC:32GB~1TB

mSATA min(i 3.0Gb/s): SLC/MLC:8GB~128GB

mSATA min(i 6.0Gb/s): SLC/pSLC/MLC:16GB~256GB

2,JEDEC MO-300 Standard

3,Support Dynamic Power Management

4,Support Trim、NCQ、SMART

5,Support Global Wear Leveling

6,Support Active and Passive Garbage Collection

7,Quick Erase Function Optional


Product specifications
Model mSATA 36I1/mSATA 39I1
Interface Mini SATA2 3.0Gb/s / Mini SATA3 6.0Gb/s
Capacity 8GB~128GB/16GB~256GB/32GB~1TB
Channel 2/4
Seq. Read/Write(MB/s,Max) 200/80 / 500/320 / 240/120 / 520/420
Power Consumption 1.3W (3.3Vx400mA)/3.3W(3.3Vx1.0A)/1.65W (3.3Vx500mA)
Thermal Sensor Support
External Cache
Firmware Backup Support
TRIM Support
ATA Encryption Support
S.M.A.R.T Monitoring Support
AES 256-Bit Optional
Power-off Protection Support
Quick Erase Support
Physical Destruction
Working Temperature -40~85℃/-25~70℃/0~70℃
Environment Temperature Shock:20G@7~2000Hz/Impact:1500G@0.5ms/Storage Temperature: -55°C ~ +95°C/MTBF:>3 million hours 
Size 29.85X26.8X3.85mm / 50.8X29.85X4.85mm
Application Vehicle-Mounted Multimedia Terminal / Medical Equipment
Technical Features Wide Temperature Range / Underfill / AES Encryption / Firmware Backup / Anti-Vulcanization Technology / Wear Levelling / V-REC / Garbage Collection&TRIM / Anti-Vulcanization Technology / Thermal Sensor