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BIWIN DDR4 RDIMM RD100 Finally Obtains the AVL Certification from Intel

Date:2022/01/12 Read:1647

Recently, BIWIN RD100 series DDR4 RDIMM server memory modules with the capacity of 32 GB and 16 GB have passed the AVL certification of Intel Authorized Laboratory. This verifies that this series of products is compatible with Intel CPUs and motherboards. Widely validated in mainstream CPUs, motherboards and operating systems, and rigorously tested against the demanding JEDEC standard, the RD100 series sport excellent quality and high reliability. It is designed to give a boost to small workstations, high-end computers, cloud storage, web servers, streaming servers, etc.


AVL certification

RD100 Series

Built with high-caliber and premium ICs, the RD100 series can run at a speed of up to 3200Mbps. It enjoys the functions such as registering, ECC, and temperature control. It can provide a server with a powerful guarantee, enabling it process big data faster and run steadily for a long time.


Our Strengths in Tests

Chip testing is one of the most critical steps in ensuring that the product meets all the quality standards. Such testing includes the Flash chip test, FT test, burn-in test, ATE and SLT tests of DRAM memory chip, etc. These tests are also backed by the full-stack chip testing capabilities such as equipment test for hardware development, testing algorithm development, and test for automation software and platform development. BIWIN forms its diverse products and the algorithm database for chip testing. As such, we can deliver you superior products.

Performing stress tests on the full capacity of memory through different algorithms, our self-developed BiwinSight Server can monitor memory ECC errors in real-time. It ensures that our products can run steadily for a long time. While realizing independent development and testing, BIWIN also proactively conducts certification tests on the RD100 series through third-party authoritative organizations such as AVL. As such, we showcase the exceptional quality of our products to attract customers.

The End

Going through both internal and external tests, BIWIN RD100 brings us its guaranteed performance. Right now, it has entered the mass production stage. BIWIN will respond quickly to the trends of 5G, big data, AI, and cloud computing, launching more enterprise-level application memory chips and SSD modules to provide customers with quality storage solutions.

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