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About Us

BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (Stock Symbol: 688525) produces high quality flash storage and is now known in OEM/ODM, consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware and storage algorithms.
BIWIN's experience in manufacturing includes its complete packaging, testing, and production lines at its latest 110,000 m2 facility, BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone. This state-of-the-art facility houses all the latest production equipment for assembly, packaging, testing and mass production-- including wafer receiving optical inspection, wafer taping, laser stealth dicing, wafer back grinding, wafer expander, wafer laser grooving, wafer saw, die bonding, plasma cleaning, wire bonding and post-bonding AI inspection, wire bond pull testing, compression molding, laser marking, solder ball mounting, package singulation, and automated optical inspection and ball scan.
For embedded computing, we make eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, uMCP, BGA SSD, UFS, DDR, LPDDR and small capacity storage. Our Advanced Packaging can squeeze 16 layers Die into our PCIe 4.0 BGA SSD bringing full SSD functionality to a single eSSD chip. For industrial control we make fast and reliable SSDs (SATA 2.5", SATA M.2, NVMe M.2, mSATA) and memory (DDR4, DDR5, memory cards, DOM Series and more.) For consumers, BIWIN products earn top global press reviews for SATA 2.5", PCIe M.2, SATA M.2, and portable SSDs, as well as DDR4, DDR5 memories and memory cards.
From the core to the intelligent edge, BIWIN offers the wide range of flash storage that suits the world's largest industries.

Why choose BIWIN?

1. Local Support

1) 17+ service centers around the world, covering 39 countries and regions.

2) Respond to local customer needs in a timely manner.

2. End-to-End R&D System

1) A complete project management system was established to form a closed loop covering all processes from demand to delivery in order to boost BIWIN's overall competitiveness.
2) BIWIN continues to improve the R&D system featuring collaborative cooperation and technology sharing, creating a better platform and management model for core technology, and ensuring that our designs are closely related to our experiences.
3. Productivity Assurance
1) BIWIN Huizhou is expected to pack 120,000pcs of 12-inch wafers per month.
2) Makes concerted efforts through investment and cooperation to ensure delivery on time.
4. Customer Satisfaction
1) BIWIN is a leading actor in entering the world's TOP supply chains, gaining abundant experience in delivering both general and customized products.
2) BIWIN is one of the memory chips suppl ier that boasts greater credibility of mainstream SOC platforms.
5. Quality Management
1) BIWIN's competitive edge in core technology, development, quality and productivity owes much to its operation model featuring partial vertical integration.
2) MES 4.0 was introduced to achieve product life cycle management of each Die.
3) For special automation requirements, BIWIN applies the controlled BOM in the manufacturing process.


2022 till NOW
Won the honor of "Top Employers 2021"
December 30th, 2022, BIWIN was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (Stock Symbol: 688525)
Won Global Memory Innovation Forum (GMIF) "Top Influential Brand Award"
Quality Partner of MediaTek Incorporated
TOP10 Provider of Advanced Packaging and Testing 2022
"The Market Breakthrough Company of the Year" at IC TOP Award Ceremony
Won OFweek "Excellent Auto Electronic Innovation Product Award 2022"
BIWIN EPS200 was selected as Top Embedded Memory Chips in China 2022 "Memory of the Year"
Won Top Achiever Award for a Leading Manufacturer of Consumer Storage at the 14th annual NCN-ICT Channel Partners Summit
BIWIN Youth Factory Tour of IC Packaging & Testing was successfully held
Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association
Joined the China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles
"2021 Excellent Chinese Enterprises of Electronic Components Industry" by Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Network Group Co., Ltd.
The Excellent Partner of YMTC
Passed the ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems certification
Won 51Job "Top Employers" Award
NM Card testing Laboratory Registered
Became the Member Unit of Information Technology Application Innovation(ITMA) Working Committee
Awarded as a "Top Industry Leader" by the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association
BIWIN 2.5" SSD GS201 was awarded as "Top Ten New Safe & Security Products
BIWIN ePOP was selected as Top Embedded Memory Chips in China 2021 "Memory of the Year"
BIWIN ePOP won the World Electronics Achievement Award "Memory of the Year"
BIWIN global headquarter was moved to Zhongguan Honghualing Industrial Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Huizhou BIWIN phase one was put into production
Recognized as one of the National Specialized and New "Little Giants"
Selected as one of the "Online Dispute Resolution Enterprises" in Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Selected as one of the "2020 Excellent Chinese Enterprises of Electronic Components Industry" by Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Network Group Co., Ltd.
Became the Vice President Unit of the Fifth Council of Shenzhen Federation of Industry
BIWIN E009 BGA PCIe SSD won the China IC Design Achievement Award "Memory of the Year"
Became the Director Unit of Shenzhen Nanshan Capital Market Association
Won the title of "2021-2023 Shenzhen Well-known Brands"
Selected as the "2020 Excellent Supplier" of Shenzhen Power Leader Computer System Co., Ltd.
Recognized as an "AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise" by Shenzhen Customs of the People's Republic of China
Became the Executive member unit of Smart Terminal Storage Association
Became the Member Unit of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association
Won the "Advanced Packaging and Testing Leading Enterprise Contribution Award" from China Communications Industry Association
Became the Member Unit of Information Technology Application Innovation Organizing Committee
Won the "2020 China Greatwall Outstanding Contribution Award"
Won the "2020 PConline Mid-Year Excellence Awards"
Selected as the "2020 Gold Supplier of Smart Storage Solutions of the Year"
Became the Vice Chairman Unit of Shenzhen Information Technology Application Innovation Alliance
Became the Vice President Unit of Guangdong Integrated Circuit Industry Association
Joined China Intelligent Hardware Evaluation Benchmark Alliance(CIHEBA)
Became the Member unit of Haiguang Industrial Ecological Cooperation Organization
BIWIN was recognized as Guangdong Complex Memory Chip R&D, Packaging and Testing Engineering Technology Research Center by Guangdong Science and Technology Department
Launched the consumer brand-- BIWINTECH to provide customers with customized storage solutions
Signed Joint Training Agreement with Xidian University
The first BIWIN self-developed SSD-- CK001 was put into mass production. The CK001 series integrates homemade NAND, controller, firmware algorithm, and packaging and testing, adding more vitality to the domestic storage market.
NM Card testing Laboratory Registered
Awarded as the Excellent Supplier by Lenovo
Won the "2019 ZOL User Choice Awards"
Won the "2019 PConline Excellence Awards"
Won the "2018 CES Innovation Award"
Won the "2018 Excellence Awards" of 18th PConline IT Product Annual Evaluation
Honored as one of the National High-tech Enterprises by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau, and Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation
Selected as one of the "Online Dispute Resolution Enterprises" by Shenzhen Nanshan District Government
Became the Best Partner of ASolid Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019
Huawei NM Card Patent Licensed
Established strategical partnership with InnoGrit Corporation
Won the honor of being one of the "Top 10 Domestic Storage Chip Manufacturers"
Became the President Unit of Shenzhen Memory Industry Association
Customer service quality continues to improve, and high-end products began to gain advantage
Became the president unit of the storage branch of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association
Won the honor of being one of the"Most Valuable Enterprises to Invest in"
BIWIN Huizhou Science & Technology Zone was selected as one of the 2018 Provincial Key IC Projects in Guandong by Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission
The construction of BIWIN Science and Technology Zone in Huizhou Zhongkai District has officially started, and after its completion, the monthly production capacity will reach 70 million
Became the Best Partner of ASolid Technology Co., Ltd.
Selected as the 2017 "Demonstration Enterprise" of Legal Culture Construction in Guangdong Province
Passed the Business Social Compliance Initiative(BSCI) certification
Passed IATF16949:2016 automotive quality system certification
Won the "Leading Enterprise Award" of the Nanshan District
Became the vice president unit of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Association
Obtained SSD product brand authorization from HP, quickly stormed the global SSD market, and topped the list of the industry in terms of reputation and sales volume
Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification
Became the Best Partner of ASolid Technology Co., Ltd.
Became the Best Partner of Silicon Motion Technology Corp.
Selected as an AA Enterprise by the Customs Bureau
Won the "ZOL Annual Recommended Product"
Became the Member Unit of Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association
Became the Member Unit of China Semiconductor Industry Association
Passed the AEO certification by Shenzhen Customs of the People's Republic of China
Set up a special storage technology R&D center together with partners
The Taiwan Research and Development Center was officially established
Passed the ISO4001 environmental management system certification and the QC80000 hazardous material management system standard certification
Selected as an AAA Enterprise by the Shenzhen Integrity Alliance Association
Selected as one of the "National High-tech Enterprises"
The advanced, fully-automatic SSD production workshop was put into production
Founded and started to officially use the BIWIN Chinese brand name