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Health Care

Medical devices obtain information about patients' physical conditions to help doctors diagnose, prevent and treat diseases. Users also rely on data provided by health care devices to assist in adjusting their health status. Because it is related to people's health, and even life, the storage application of medical care equipment pursues extreme performance and high reliability. Since health information is closely related to personal privacy, data security is also critical.


When lives are at stake, reliability comes first

In the medical field, a data error or distortion in medical equipment may lead to a serious medical accident. Reliability is the first principle in medical equipment data storage and use. BIWIN medical storage solutions adopt an end-to-end data protection technology to ensure the integrity of medical data; the ECC calibration and correction mechanism is optimized to automatically detect and correct errors, thereby increasing reliability. In addition, it supports such functions as power outage protection, firmware backup, garbage collection, and balanced erasure, to enhance the durability and stability of the products.


Care about the security of medical information

Medical records are sensitive personal information that should be closely protected. BIWIN medical equipment storage application products support AES hardware encryption, and compared with software encryption, it does not occupy the host system resources and could more effectively prevent the leakage of patient data.

Application: Patient monitoring systems, diagnostic machines, imaging systems, pain management equipment, mobile health equipment


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