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Smartphones are already a necessity in people's lives, which are used for communication, playing games, entertainment, and even office assistance. According to a certain organization, the penetration rate of smartphones in China is 69%. Smartphones are gaining popularity and developing towards a smarter direction. Storage devices, as key components of smart hardware devices, are also evolving and iterating along with the market demand. The memory products developed by BIWIN for smartphones cover high, medium and low grades of smartphones, and have a high degree of customization.


Wide product coverage

At present, the mainstream smartphone CPU and memory collocation in the market can be roughly divided into three forms: Raw NAND plus LPDDR, eMMC plus LPDDR, and eMCP. BIWIN has corresponding mature products in these three forms. Among them, BIWIN’s embedded eMCP storage solution can be applied to most of the smartphone models of the current mainstream smartphone brands.


High degree of customization

There are many mobile phone brands in China, and the mobile phone series owned by the same mobile phone manufacturer are also different due to their different positioning, which means there will also be many differences in their demand for storage solutions. According to the diversified requirements of mobile phone manufacturers, BIWIN’s smartphone storage solution makes corresponding customized design in form, capacity, reading and writing speed, compatibility and other aspects of the embedded storage, so as to provide key storage support for the mass production of customers' smartphones.


Verified through the major mobile phone storage solution platforms

BIWIN smartphone storage products are verified by MTK, Intel, Spreadtrum and other major platforms, ensuring compatibility with customers' corresponding mobile phone platforms. In addition, BIWIN learns to master the latest manufacturing process and technology in the first instance so as to ensure that the mass production of customers' smartphone products is synchronized with the latest technology.

Application: High, medium and low grades of smartphones, as well as a variety of customized smartphones.


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