SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) NAND Flash provides a more cost-effective memory solution. The industrial-grade SLC NAND Flash storage, makes up for the low capacity, high price and low speed of SPI NOR Flash. Due to its compatibility with SPI NOR FLASH in respect of the access interface, it is widely used in many embedded solutions.


Smaller Package Size

Save PCB board space and MCU pin consumption, reduce product cost

High Compatibility

Be compatible with SPI NOR FLASH interface, multiple interface mode, wider applications

High Reliability

Use industrial SLC, 10 year of data retention, 100,000 cycles of erasure life

High Cost Performance

Have larger capacity and higher assess speed, compared with SPI NOR FLASH


Product specifications
Interface Support Standard, Dual, Quad SPI Interface Standard SPI: SCLK, CS#, SI, SO, WP#, HOLD# Dual SPI: SCLK, CS#, SIO0, SIO1, WP#, HOLD# Quad SPI: SCLK, CS#, SIO0, SIO1, SIO2, SIO3
Dimension 8×6×0.8 mm/ 10.3 × 10.6 × 1.5mm
Clock 80Mhz
Density 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb
Operating voltage 2.7V~3.6V
Approved verification platform MediaTek:MT7526; MT7525; MT7526F;MT7526G
ZTE:ZX279127; ZX279128……
Operating temperature -40℃~85℃
Packaging LGA8/ LGA16
Application Smart Wear / Network Products