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E-sports Series

The "equipment" relied on by E-sports are games, mainly including televisions, computers and smartphones. As a supporting component of competitive programs, the storage solution is also characterized by strong properties. The difference in memory reading and writing speed may decide the result of an e-sports competition. BIWIN’s e-sports series products integrate high performance NAND particles, a high-speed interface and protocol, as well as product appearance design that helps create an e-sports atmosphere, thereby supporting e-sports players and competitors to compete passionately on TVs, computers and smartphones.


High-speed reading and writing, born for e-sports

In the process of installing, activating, operating and saving e-sports games, game data stored in SSD needs to be read or written. E-sports SSD products provided by BIWIN adopt the NVMe high-speed protocol, with the maximum continuous reading and writing speed reaching 3500MB/s and 2900MB/s, respectively, which can shorten the time of game installation, loading and archiving and bring a fast experience to e-sports players and competitors.


Temperature control design, suitable for high intensity work in e-sports

In e-sports, players and competitors operate at high frequency and memory reads and writes at a high speed, and so power consumption is bound to increase. BIWIN e-sports-class SSDS products have added a temperature control design that automatically balances data transmission frequencies when memory overheats, thereby ensuring stable performance. The BIWIN e-sports memory module provides a customized cooling vest, which could accelerate cooling and heat dissipation of the DRAM chip.


Cool appearance, creating an e-sports atmosphere

In order to create an enthusiastic e-sports atmosphere, the keyboard and mouse, the chassis, the fan, the power supply and the motherboard all achieve an RGB optical effect, and the SSD and memory surely will be no exception. BIWIN’s e-sports series storage products can provide customers with customized appearance and RBG optical effect services, and the optical effect solution can also be adjusted through the motherboard.

Application: E-sports-level gaming laptops, e-sports-level desktop computers, packaged desktop gaming computers, smart TVs, smartphones.


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