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Server Storage

In the modern server application market, cloud computing and hyper-converged applications are popular, which tend to creates an illusion for the customers that the physical server is no longer applicable. The truth is, whether you buy traditional physical server space or choose cloud services, you will ultimately need the support of physical servers as well as the appropriate storage hardware to build the physical server. On the contrary, with the emergence of new technologies such as cloud servers, data will be managed and used more efficiently, which puts forward higher requirements on physical servers in terms of speed, scalability, service life and efficiency. As one of the core components of servers, the server-level SSD and DRAM groups provided by BIWIN have the advantages of high reliability, strong stability, low power consumption and long service life.


High-performance continuous work

Capacity and speed are two key factors that affect the performance of a server. BIWIN provides high-capacity, multi-interface, multi-specification data storage solutions for servers, and supports the efficient operation of servers. In addition, the server-level SSD and DRAM modules passed through multiple tests such as performance tests, electrical tests, stability tests and other tests throughout the production process, to ensure product quality and maximize the service life of the server.


Low power operation, stable and energy-saving

BIWIN has conducted targeted low power design for server storage, which saves energy and reduces consumption, thereby effectively reducing the operating cost of the server. In addition, low power operation also helps to ensure the stable work of the server.


Standard specification, strong applicability

BIWIN’s server-level storage products have been certified by related virtual machine management procedures, and are compatible with the most widely used Linux and other server operating systems on the market. BIWIN’s 2.5-inch standard specification is easy to install and deploy in various rack and blade servers, and it also supports hot plugging, which is conducive to engineers' daily maintenance of the data center.

Application: Desktop servers, rack servers, cabinet servers, blade servers


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