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Embedded Application

Embedded storage is often integrated in PCB boards of various electronic devices, which is not easily noticed. However, each embedded storage product is designed according to different requirements of application for interface, size, capacity, speed, etc., and plays a corresponding data reading and writing function on electronic devices. BIWIN’s embedded storage products include eMMC, UFS, eMCP, LPDDR, nMCP, SPI NAND, BGA SSD and etc. From familiar consumer electronics such as tablet computers, to industrial automation and other high-level demands, all are the application fields of embedded storage.


Flexible technology combinations

Focusing on such requirements as high performance, stability, safety, sturdiness and durability, BIWIN has formed corresponding technical implementation solutions, and also has a relatively complete product category. BIWIN can match product portfolio and technology in "menu style" according to customers’ requirements, to meet the requirements of different application scenarios in size, compatible platform, capacity, reading and writing speed, firmware specifications, and other special standards.


Highly customized

Due to the wide and complex application fields, it is necessary to carry out targeted product development and design. Therefore, highly customized service becomes the key to the success of embedded storage solutions. BIWIN’s technical team starts from understanding customer requirements, and carries out comprehensive and strict testing and verification of embedded storage solutions, so as to ensure the feasibility of the plan.


Industrial-grade standard

Embedded storage products occupy a large proportion of the field of industrial computing, which needs to adapt to the harsh environment of narrow spaces, great temperature differences, severe sulfur pollution and mechanical stress. BIWIN’s embedded storage solutions designed for industrial-grade applications are characterized by a correspondingly small size, wide temperature, vulcanization resistance and sturdy design, so to realize the long-term and stable operation of data storage equipment in harsh environments.

Application: Embedded applications, game entertainment, transportation, medical care, server storage, industrial automation


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