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Driven by the internet of vehicles and autonomous driving technologies, the storage demand from on-board electronic applications is increasing day by day. By 2020, the average storage capacity of each vehicle will increase to 200GB. The storage capacity required by an unmanned vehicle will exceed the TB level. In view of such characteristics such as violent vibration, voltage instability, frequent power outage, wide temperature change, greater amounts of dust, and strong interference in the vehicle environment, and to ensure driving safety, BIWIN provides the vehicle electronics with storage solutions supporting large capacity, low power consumption, sturdy design, wide range of temperature and wide voltage technology.


Reinforced design, adapting to driving environment

BIWIN’s on-board SSD adopts an IC bottom-filling technology, which enables PCB and chip to adhere firmly; adopts a high-strength metal shell to protect internal components; the specially-customized reinforced interface adopted not only makes the physical connection stable, but also has strong plug and pull resistance, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the interface. Finally, it ensures the stability of data storage in bumpy and vibrating driving environments.


V-REC algorithm optimization and power outage protection

BIWIN uses V-REC algorithm optimization to conduct special firmware tuning, which can keep the on-board SSD from decelerating in high density reading and writing. In addition, BIWIN’s on-board SSD is equipped with a built-in power detection chip to monitor the power supply in real time. Once any abnormality is discovered, power outage protection is immediately enabled to ensure the reliable transmission of cache data to the flash memory, thus avoiding firmware failure and providing a reliability guarantee for the on-board application storage data.


Compliance with automotive-grade standards

To ensure the reliability of on-board electronic products, the automotive industry has established many high-quality and high-standard regulations. BIWIN has passed the IATF16949 automobile quality management system certification, and we guarantee that the designed solution is suitable for your on-board applications, which will function stably and reliably in harsh driving environments.



Customized storage solutions

Boasting independent software, hardware, and firmware development capabilities and storage algorithm development capabilities, as well as a complete product chain, BIWIN is able to quickly tailor suitable on-board application storage solutions for customers.

Application: Vehicle navigation system, entertainment system, driving monitor, dash cam, ADAS assisted driving system, smart networking, smart dashboard


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