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Nowadays, laptops are widely used and have become the mainstream in the office, entertainment, game playing and other application fields. In the process of use, the driver’s energy consumption, the data transmission efficiency and the data security of the laptop are very important. According to the characteristics of the application scenarios of laptop computers, BIWIN introduces storage solutions with high performance, low power consumption and high data security.


Superior performance, to ensure efficient data transmission

Equipped with high-speed controllers and an external cache, it supports writing acceleration technology and gives full play to the potential performance of the computer, thereby improving the running and starting speed of the computer. Adopting dynamic and static overall wear leveling algorithm, it supports the rapid starting of TRIM, NCQ, garbage collection mechanism, office and other work softwares, to explore the potential performance of computer.


Wide compatibility, complete stability

BIWIN products have gone through rigorous tests such as performance tests, reliability tests and application tests. Support self-testing technology and improve error correction performance, thereby providing a high compatibility and stable use effect for laptops.


Data security

BIWIN’s solid state storage follows the internal firmware writing process. The security key can effectively prevent Trojan viruses and keep hackers from intruding, thereby improving the security of data storage.

Application:Business, office, study, entertainment, e-sports laptops


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