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Network Products

Nowadays, network products are widely used, such as routers which connect TV through the Internet to play programs, for which the most important factors are capacity and network access speed. However, such problems as video lag, interruptions and low definition will occur during the use of many products. BIWIN provides storage solutions with large capacity, high access speed and high cost performance to solve the problems existing in network products.


Compact packaging size, providing more internal space

Space problem has always been the focus of system integrators. BIWIN products are small and beautiful, and compact in size, which amply saves the space of PCB board and the number of MCU pins, which not only meets the demand of miniaturization but also reduces the cost of products.


High compatibility

Compatible with SPI NOR Flash interface and multiple interface modes, it is widely used. In addition, compared with SPI Nor Flash, it has a larger capacity and higher access speed, which fully meets the application requirements of network products and improves the system’s smooth functioning and network access speed of products.


High reliability

An industrial-grade SLC is adopted, with data retention time being 10 years and erasure life being 100,000 times. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, BIWIN has built a complete packaging, testing and production line by itself, and from incoming wafer materials to the mass production stage, all items of products have gone through strict and rigorous test and verification step by step, to ensure excellent and stable performance.

Application: Routers, optical modems, switches


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