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BIWIN Brings Advantest T5503HS2

Date:2023/02/09 Read:1785

BIWIN Brings Advantest T5503HS2 to Enhance Advanced Packaging And Testing Capabilities

As data grow explosively in ICT, there is a growing demand for enhanced performance and storage capacity. Storage testing is facing challenges brought by increased interface rates (PCIe 6.0 / DDR5), multiplying storage capacity (TLC/QLC, 238/176 layers), and rapid analysis of test results.

Advantest T5503HS2

Recently, Advantest T5503HS2 test systems was successfully installed in BIWIN's advanced manufacturing plant to further strengthen the company's full-stack memory chip test capability. The T5503HS2 is designed for evaluating DUTs at speeds up to 8 Gbps with overall timing accuracy of ±45 picoseconds, supports advanced features on LPDDR5 and DDR5 devices as well as existing DDR4 ICs, LPDDR4/4X devices and high-bandwidth memories.

  1. By using an optional 4.5-GHz high-speed clock, the T5503HS2 runs at speeds up to 8 Gbps.
  2. It automatically recognizes and adjusts DQS-DQ timing differences to secure better timing margins by real-time tracking.
  3. Robust algorithmic pattern generator (ALPG) facilitates rapid, high-quality testing of innovative device features.

A new programmable power supply with response times that are four times faster than its predecessor (T5503) enables much lower voltage drop.

T5503HS2 Test HandlerT5503HS2 Test Handler

T5503HS2 TesterT5503HS2 Tester

BIWIN has expertise in SSD/DDR module test, chip automatic test, SLT test, ATE test, Burn-in test and more, meeting the demand for low cost, high efficiency, ultimate performance and high bandwidth. Powered by advanced machines and years of experience, BIWIN has efficient memory chip testing algorithms to guarantee delivery.

It is noticeable that BIWIN continues to push the boundaries in DDR and LPDDR products with its in-depth understanding of product applications and its testing capacity in Flash and DRAN memory chips. In 2022, BIWIN launched the new DDR5 (Speeds / Capacity of up to 4800 Mbps / 32 GB) and LPDDR5 (Speeds / Capacity of up to 6400 Mbps / 64 Gb) lineup featuring higher performance, lower power consumption and improved reliability for tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones, automobiles, servers, AIoT, industrial control, 5G and more.

Besides, BIWIN has received many awards and honors for its industry-leading advanced packaging and testing and overall competitiveness in the market. Moving forward, BIWIN will stay true to its partial integration, leverage its advantages in product quality, stable supply, and customized service to help customers achieve commercial success.