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2023 Acer Predator Storage Channel Summit Summary

Date:2023/09/16 Read:457

In September, the 2023 Acer Predator Storage Channel Summit, hosted by BIWIN Storage Technology Company Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Digital China Group Co., Ltd., concluded successfully at the “Most Beautiful Beach in Guangdong,” Double-Moon Bay in Huizhou. Mr. Kevin Xu, Vice General Manager of BIWIN Storage, Mr. Ji Ce, General Manager of the PC Components Business Department at Digital China, Mr. Jesson Ji, Brand Channel Head of the International Business Development Department at BIWIN Storage, Mr. Liu Haichuan, Head of the Predator Business Division at Digital China, and numerous outstanding representatives from channel partners attended the summit and delivered keynote speeches.

A Glance Back at the 2023 Acer Predator Storage Channel Summit

The theme of this summit was “Gathering Momentum, Leading to Shared Success.” Partners from Acer Predator Storage channels across the country gathered to engage in in-depth discussions on topics such as the brand strength of Acer Predator Storage, product innovations in the eSports segment, strategies for offline channel market development, DIY, and integrated channel construction, and more. Together, they focused on the trends in the storage industry and market opportunities.

During the opening remarks, Mr. Kevin Xu, Vice General Manager of BIWIIN Storage, shared significant milestones achieved by Acer Predator Storage since its market debut in 2021. In just two short years, the brand has launched its first eSports-oriented memory and SSD products, rendering it to the top three ranks on major domestic e-commerce platforms and securing partnerships with over 200 channel clients. This remarkable feat, as emphasized by Mr. Xu, was made possible through the collective efforts of channel colleagues and the invaluable support of the exclusive distributor, Digital China Group. Furthermore, Mr. Xu provided insightful reflections on the distinct attributes of the Predator Storage brand, emphasizing its eSports DNA, professional overclocking capabilities, commitment to product innovation, and unwavering dedication to original equipment quality. In terms of channel support, he pledged to continue furnishing robust market promotional backing to empower channel partners in their pursuit of seamless market expansion.

Mr. Kevin Xu, Vice General Manager of BIWIIN Storage

Mr. Ji Ce, General Manager of the PC Components Business Division at Digital China Group, presented the latest findings from Canalys, revealing a 19% year-on-year decline in PC shipments in China during the second quarter of 2023. Confronted with the delicate balancing act between revenue pressures and a sluggish market, numerous semiconductor original equipment manufacturers witnessed significant revenue declines. Channel partners attending this summit were able to discern the prevailing industry-wide trend of contraction. However, in this adverse environment, the Predator Storage brand buckled the trend by achieving substantial growth. This achievement has translated into enhanced business growth and profit opportunities for our valued channel partners. Mr. Ji Ce expressed his aspirations for collaborative efforts with partners to nurture a more robust business ecosystem, ultimately fostering mutual success in these challenging times.


Mr. Ji Ce, General Manager of the PC Components Business Division at Digital China Group

Following that, Mr. Jesson Ji, Brand Channel Manager at the International Business Development Department of BIWIN Storage, gave special attention to reviewing the Predator business’s current situation and outlook. BIWIN Storage’s research and technical experts, as well as product managers, followed with presentations on research and development technology and product aspects. Among them, Mr. Pan Junfeng, Deputy Director of the Product Testing Department at BIWIN Storage, provided a detailed introduction to BIWIN Storage’s advantages in supply and research capabilities and how they maintain high-level quality control throughout the process. Ms. Wang Huilian, Consumer SSD Product Manager in the Product Development Team (PDT), focused on sharing how BIWIN Storage systematically builds its SSD storage technology advantage and ensures quality assurance throughout the entire process. Additionally, Mr. Ricky Leng, Acer’s Predator Storage Product Manager, highlighted the Predator Memory DDR4/DDR5 product lineup and provided a deep dive into the features and specifications of SSD with Heatsink and RGB SSD, explaining their unique characteristics.

Mr. Jesson Ji, Head of Brand Channels at BIWIN (top left)
Mr. Pan Junfeng, Deputy Director of the Product Testing Department at BIWIN (top right)
Ms. Wang Huilian, Product Manager for Consumer SSD Products in the PDT Team (bottom left)
Mr. Ricky Leng, Acer Predator Storage Product Manager (bottom right)


In the afternoon session of the conference, Mr. Liu Haichuan, the Head of the Predator Storage Business at Digital China Group, shared an overview of the overall development of the Predator Storage business channels. Since 2021, Digital China Group has deepened its cooperation with numerous outstanding customers, including Shenzhen Pengpai Esports Co., Ltd., Ant Supercomputing Electronic Products Operation Department from Beilin District, Xi’an, Shanghai Hongli Bearing Co., Ltd., Henan Tianying Trading Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Blue-Key Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. These collaborations have marked several significant milestones. As of last month, the cumulative monthly shipments of memory and SSD products exceeded 80,000 units. All the partners present at the event have witnessed substantial growth in the influence and business scale of the Predator Storage brand. Following this, some representatives from excellent customers shared their experiences and expressed that as Chinese brands continue to break new ground, there will be the emergence of higher-tier, more outstanding, and flagship products in the future, signifying promising prospects for domestic products.

Closing Remarks

Through their active participation in the Acer Predator Storage Channel Summit, channel partners have acquired a profound insight into the brand development, market strategies, and product prowess of Acer Predator Storage. This newfound knowledge has significantly bolstered their confidence in the continued growth and fortification of their channel sales endeavors. As an enduring and dependable partner, BIWIN Storage seamlessly integrates the realms of research and development, design, packaging, rigorous testing, streamlined production, and efficient sales operations. Leveraging our extensive experience within the storage industry, fortified by robust R&D capabilities and an unwavering commitment to product supply reliability, we eagerly anticipate forging synergistic alliances with an expanded network of channel partners in the forthcoming chapters. This collaborative endeavor aims to foster mutually advantageous cooperation, ultimately contributing to the ascendancy of domestic storage solutions.