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BIWIN Automotive Storage Solutions: Driving Innovation in Car Electronics

Date:2023/11/13 Read:1417

BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as BIWIN) focuses on the research and development, packaging and testing, and manufacturing of memory chips. It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a national-level specialized and innovative Little Giants enterprise. The company has received strategic investments from the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund.

BIWIN tightly integrates its operations around the semiconductor memory industry chain, establishing an integrated business model for research and development with packaging and testing. BIWIN possesses core competencies in storage medium characteristic research, firmware algorithm development, chip packaging and testing, test research and development, and global brand operations. BIWIN actively expands into technical domains such as IC design, advanced packaging and testing, and chip testing equipment development.

In 2018, BIWIN achieved IATF 16949:2016 certification for automotive quality management systems--an affirmation of the company's prowess in standardized management, quality control, and technological ingenuity. Recently, BIWIN Huizhou Manufacturing Center of Advanced Packaging and Testing accomplished IATF 16949:2016 certification for the automotive industry quality management systems.

Specializing in advanced packaging and testing, BIWIN demonstrates proficiency in automotive-grade chip testing, supporting both its parent company's automotive-grade chip business and its independent automotive-grade testing outsourcing ventures. The successful IATF 16949:2016 certification holds paramount significance for the company, symbolizing implementing an intelligent management system, establishing automotive-grade quality control and process capabilities, and delivering premium products and services to customers.


Automotive Quality Management System Certification


Developed by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) based on ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 aims to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent production of high-quality automotive products. It is crucial for automotive companies, including manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, as it not only indicates compliance with industry-specific quality standards but also encourages the adoption of best practices across the entire supply chain. Obtaining IATF 16949:2016 certification signifies a company's commitment to meeting the highest quality standards. Many globally renowned automotive manufacturers now mandate that their suppliers obtain IATF 16949:2016 certification

Capitalizing on its integrated advantage in research and development, and packaging and testing, BIWIN is strategically expanding its presence in the automotive storage market. Starting from the definition phase, the company meticulously controls each stage of the process according to automotive-grade requirements, including IC design, storage algorithm and firmware development, hardware design, packaging manufacturing, product testing, and safety certification. Tailoring its approach to the specific demands of in-vehicle applications, BIWIN has introduced highly reliable, competitive, and secure automotive-grade storage solutions and services, ensuring a safe driving experience.

Continued Research and Development
Benefiting from years of technical accumulation and experience, BIWIN consistently increases its investment in the research and development of automotive-grade storage. In the field of automotive-grade NAND Flash medium analysis, the company has acquired the capability to analyze storage medium characteristics under automotive-grade conditions, including cross-temperature performance, data retention, read and write interference, and lifespan. In the realm of automotive-grade storage firmware development, BIWIN has mastered reliability protection algorithms such as data loss prevention and data recovery under automotive-grade scenarios, as well as lifespan extension algorithms like wear leveling and write amplification control.

Advanced Packaging and Testing
In the packaging domain, BIWIN excels in the design and simulation of packaging for automotive-grade storage products, along with automotive-grade packaging and testing process capabilities and quality control. In testing, leveraging the rich testing experience and self-developed chip testing equipment and algorithms, the company has established capabilities for high-temperature, ambient-temperature, and low-temperature testing of automotive-grade products, as well as dynamic aging testing. BIWIN can also conduct characteristic analysis and prediction of defective outlier samples based on big data, ensuring automotive-grade yield rates and PPM targets.
Additionally, BIWIN has set up laboratories for design simulation, signal analysis, system verification, reliability testing, material analysis, failure analysis, and more, to comprehensively meet product design and validation needs, continuously forging high-reliability and superior-quality products.

Comprehensive Layout
Presently, the company has launched a series of automotive storage products, including eMMC, UFS, LPDDR, BGA SSD, and SSD, widely applied in automotive information and entertainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems, intelligent cockpit systems, dashcams, panoramic monitoring systems, automotive dashboards, in-vehicle wireless terminals, rail transportation, and more. These products have entered the supply chain systems of leading automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive component suppliers.

BIWIN Automotive Storage Solutions

In the future, BIWIN will actively deploy and implement integrated R&D and testing 2.0, continuously advancing research and production in automotive-grade storage. Leveraging its profound technical expertise and practical experience in automotive-grade storage, BIWIN will actively deepen cooperation with renowned domestic and international automotive manufacturers. By fully harnessing the strengths and characteristics of all parties involved and achieving deep integration, BIWIN seeks to jointly promote and build a robust brand service, contributing to the rapid development of the automotive industry.