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BIWIN Industrial SSDs Powers Smart Healthcare Imaging

Date:2023/11/03 Read:1334

According to IDC, the healthcare sector witnesses a staggering annual data growth rate of 48%, making it one of the fastest-growing industries. It highlights the substantial challenge of handling massive data loads.

Clinical medical imaging is an indispensable step in healthcare diagnostics, where physicians utilize technologies such as CT scans, ultrasound, MRI, and surgical robots to gather patient body data, providing the basis for subsequent scientific diagnosis and treatment. As medical imaging equipment becomes more sophisticated, it poses new challenges to data storage devices. BIWIN’s high-performance industrial SSDs are durable and reliable, meeting the stringent reliability requirements of the medical industry.


Clinical medical imaging


1. Core Focus on Healthcare: Reliability and Stability
Reliability Comes First: Medical equipment is crucial for life and health. Any unexpected downtime could result in the loss of crucial diagnostic data, negatively impacting patient treatment.
Resisting External Environmental Threats: Factors like magnetic field interference, radiation, and chemical gases in hospitals may pose corrosion threats to medical equipment components.
24/7 Uninterrupted Operation: Whether during daytime outpatient hours or nighttime emergencies, medical imaging systems need to operate 24/7, supporting diagnostic work.

2. Long Lifespan: Durable Operation
Long Lifespan of Medical Equipment: The lifespan of medical imaging equipment is generally around 5 to 10 years. As a critical component, storage devices must have a long lifespan, consistently providing high-quality data management capabilities.
Reducing Operating Costs: Longer-lasting medical equipment can reduce maintenance costs, enhancing the operational efficiency of hospitals.

3. Performance Challenges: Data Transfer Speed Affects Diagnostic Efficiency
High Precision: Efficient retrieval and aggregation of human body information collected by medical imaging devices are essential to guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of medical diagnostics.
High Concurrent Access: During peak hospital hours, doctors from multiple departments simultaneously access large amounts of medical imaging data. A surge in access volume may lead to lag and mosaic effects, affecting diagnostic efficiency and the overall medical experience.
Compatibility Issues: Memory must be compatible with computer processors to ensure optimal imaging results and efficient data management.

4. Safeguards the Security Baseline
Prevents Patient Privacy Leaks: Medical imaging data is considered private information. Data leaks can result in immeasurable losses for patients and hospitals alike.
Loss of Hospital Management Files and Other Data: Medical imaging devices also store work documents from various departments. Some confidential files require data encryption protection.

BIWIN Storage Solution for Medical: Long lifespan, High Performance
Fully Self-Developed Firmware Algorithms, Powerful Performance: BIWIN’s industrial SSDs utilize high-performance controllers and premium NANDs. Coupled with fully self-developed firmware, the products exhibit outstanding read/write performance, low latency characteristics, and support prolonged high-throughput data processing and high-concurrency access. They swiftly handle the processing and transmission of medical imaging images and data, enhancing diagnostic efficiency and patient satisfaction.
Reinforced by Advanced Testing Capabilities, Products are Reliable and Stable with a Long Lifespan: Through self-developed testing algorithms and equipment, the company’s industrial SSD products undergo rigorous tests for data reliability and lifespan, ensuring high quality, consistency, reliability, and stability over the long term.
Data Encryption Technology Increases Security: Featuring AES hardware encryption, write protection, and firmware backup, BIWIN’s SSDs ensure the security of medical data storage.
Multiple Robust Protections Overcome Harsh Environments: BIWIN's industrial SSDs feature triple protective coatings, anti-sulfuration, and other safeguards, ensuring the stable operation of medical imaging equipment in harsh environments.
Extensive Compatibility with Mainstream Platforms: Already validated through compatibility tests with mainstream platforms like Intel and AMD, the SSDs are also adaptable to domestic platforms such as Loongson, Zhaoxin, Phytium, HYGON, and others.

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