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Visit BIWIN in Las Vegas on January 9th-12th 2024

Date:2024/01/02 Read:1202

BIWIN, a front-runner in the production of flash storage and DRAM, will be in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th, showing the latest technology in a Bellagio Executive Parlor Suite. BIWIN offers an invitation to customers, prospects, and press to visit with our executives from across the globe.

The BIWIN exhibit will be a dynamic space, brimming with the latest advancements in flash storage designed for embedded, industrial, consumer, and custom applications. Whether you're intrigued by the future of consumer storage, the dynamic landscape of embedded storage, or the expansive opportunities with storage chips and solutions like eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, BGA eSSD, UFS, DDR, LPDDR and more, our team of experts will be available to provide answers.

BIWIN's Featured Offerings:

Recognition and Global Presence: BIWIN's SSDs, memory modules, portable storage, memory cards, and USBs have earned global acclaim from leading experts in memory and storage. With the industry’s latest state-of-the-art factory and facility, BIWIN is playing an important role in the burgeoning need for memory and storage for devices serving industries, commercial enterprises, and public services as well as for home and offices.

Connect with BIWIN during CES 2024:


Join us for this opportunity to meet with BIWIN executives, explore memory and storage solutions for a new age, and hear how our Win-Win philosophy can help your organization.

To schedule a meeting or renew your acquaintance with our experts-- or for media inquiries, please contact: