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BIWIN Provides Efficient and Reliable Storage Solutions for Video Surveillance

Date:2023/12/05 Read:1270

According to Mordor Intelligence, the global video surveillance system market is expected to reach $72.79 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.22% from 2023 to 2028. Security monitoring devices like NVRs, DVRs, and IP-SAN are required to operate 24/7/365, and withstand external factors such as vibration, high temperature, and humidity. They demand complete and flawless preservation of video data to ensure secure monitoring. Leveraging BIWIN's capabilities in hardware design, self-developed firmware algorithms, and advanced packaging and testing, BIWIN's C1008 SSD, microSD cards, and SD cards exhibit characteristics, such as high-speed stable read and write operations and high reliability. These products can efficiently, stably, and comprehensively record video surveillance data around the clock.

BIWIN Storage Solutions for Video Surveillance

BIWIN guarantees a consistent write speed of 250 MB/s or more, ensuring efficient and reliable multi-channel video surveillance data storage
The development of intelligent security monitoring brings about a higher demand for high-definition image quality. Most surveillance cameras now support 4K high-definition video recording, with some advanced devices offering features such as intelligent HDR, one-click editing, and video cutting. Future camera surveillance systems are expected to have more intelligent image analysis capabilities, including people composition, motion analysis, target identification, and area intrusion detection, among others. The implementation of these features will generate many fragmented files.
Instability in recording video surveillance data can lead to dropped frames, resulting in security monitoring vulnerabilities and severe consequences. It requires storage solutions that support stable data read and write operations, efficiently and comprehensively recording vast amounts of video surveillance data. BIWIN's C1008 SSD utilize a self-developed dynamic load balancing algorithm and firmware optimization in garbage collection mechanisms to effectively reduce GC phase latency, enhancing the stability of continuous data writing. In FIO testing, the product maintains a continuous write speed of over 250 MB/s across the entire disk, with a high capacity of up to 3.84 TB, supporting the continuous, efficient, and stable storage of multi-channel video surveillance data, ensuring the security of monitoring. Additionally, the product exhibits stable characteristics for small file random writes, maintaining a random write speed of 6000 IOPS (4K Random Write), and meeting the needs of temporary logs or specific marker updates in video surveillance.

C1008 Full Disk Write

C1008 Random Write

"Hardware Tantalum Capacitor and Firmware Architecture Design" Dual Power Failure Protection for Reliable Video Surveillance Data Storage
Video surveillance systems cover a wide range of areas, including public spaces and private homes, indoors and outdoors, from highway and city road traffic to rail and marine transportation. Most application environments for surveillance devices have strict requirements, necessitating the ability to withstand external factors such as power outages, vibrations, high temperatures, and high humidity. With surveillance devices requiring stable operation for extended periods, the storage medium must provide highly reliable data storage support.
The BIWIN C1008 SSD series adopts a dual power failure protection mechanism through "Hardware Tantalum Capacitor and Firmware Architecture Design." This ensures that data loss and firmware issues will not occur during a sudden power failure. On one hand, the product utilizes backup power from tantalum capacitors to continuously supply power, supporting the complete preservation of data in flash memory and ensuring the security of firmware programs. On the other hand, the firmware architecture design ensures the complete preservation of valuable user data and critical firmware management data within a minimal backup power duration. This design also avoids prolonged internal scanning operations during the next power-up process, optimizing power-up time and accelerating response to user commands."

BIWIN C1008 SSD Series
BIWIN C1008 supports operating in a temperature range of -20 °C to 70 °C, with a write/erase cycle exceeding 3000 times. It also features LDPC ECC error correction technology, end-to-end data protection, AES self-encryption, and secure erasure, and employs a robust epoxy design, showcasing advantages such as high durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and vibration resistance. This design ensures reliable and long-term storage of video data.
Additionally, BIWIN provides storage solutions tailored for video surveillance applications, including microSD card (TF200) and SD card (CSD200).

BIWIN Memory Cards
Besides offering efficient and reliable storage solutions for video surveillance, BIWIN also caters to the stringent storage requirements of industrial applications in sectors, such as 5G base stations, smart vehicles, smart cities, and industrial IoT. By leveraging its technical expertise in storage solution development and advanced testing, BIWIN provides industry-specific customization services. This includes the development of storage devices tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of performance, stability, security, robustness, and durability. BIWIN provides industrial SSDs, industrial memory modules, in-vehicle SSD/eMMC/LPDDR, and further expands into the development of automotive storage products-- eMMC, UFS, LPDDR, BGA SSD, catering to diverse application needs across different scenarios.