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BIWIN Launches WOOKONG Series: Innovating eSports Storage Solutions

Date:2023/12/29 Read:1147

The eSports industry is steadily growing, fueling robust demand in the gaming hardware sector. In the world of electronic sports competition, where 'a miss is as good as a mile,' a high-performance, stable, and reliable eSports storage product is an essential choice for every gaming enthusiast. Recently, BIWIN launched the first product in its 'WOOKONG' series, designed specifically for eSports consumers. These storage products aim to meet the real performance needs of eSports players and overclocking experts, providing a refreshingly smooth experience for gaming enthusiasts.

WOOKONG Series eSports Storage
The WOOKONG series embodies BIWIN's commitment to continuous innovation and excellence in product development. The series is dedicated to creating a breakthrough experience for eSports users. Leveraging BIWIN’s technical expertise in storage solution development and advanced packaging and testing, the WOOKONG series offers efficient and secure data processing and trustworthy data protection for eSports players and overclocking experts, ensuring a fast gaming experience. Moreover, its personalized and trendy design creates a cool and realistic gaming environment, enhancing the competitive atmosphere for players.
Benefiting from its core advantage of integrated R&D, packaging, and testing, BIWIN has established a comprehensive range of products in the consumer storage market. This range covers eSports memory, solid-state drives (SSDs), portable SSDs, storage cards, NAS home storage, and more, committed to satisfying the diverse storage needs of consumers through a 'one-stop' solution approach. The launch of the WOOKONG series further enriches BIWIN’s comprehensive product lineup, as the company continues to break technological boundaries and innovate.
In the consumer pre-installed market, thanks to long-term technical research and an intelligent production testing system, BIWIN’s products are known for their high performance, quality, and reliability. BIWIN has entered the supply chains of renowned PC manufacturers such as Lenovo, Acer, and Tongfang. In the consumer aftermarket, BIWIN operates exclusive storage product lines for brands like HP, Acer, and Predator, targeting the mid-to-high-end market. BIWIN possesses full-stack capabilities from product planning and design development to advanced packaging and testing. Its DRAM modules and SSDs, primarily developed in-house, have topped sales during major e-commerce events and received unanimous praise from both users and authoritative review agencies. Additionally, BIWIN has built a global marketing network and localized product and marketing teams, offering high-quality, efficient services throughout the product lifecycle.


Facing the growing and differentiated storage needs of the digital age, BIWIN, with the mission ‘Storage Empowers Everything’, is committed to becoming a world-class storage and advanced packaging and testing manufacturer, continuously deepening its integrated research, development, and testing industrial chain to strengthen its core technological barriers. Since the beginning of this year, BIWIN has extended its IC design capability in the direction of R&D. In-depth layout of test equipment development and wafer-level advanced sealing in the field of sealing and testing, to continuously expand its advantages in product development efficiency, customized development capability and product quality assurance, and to provide customers in the fields of consumer terminal brands, industrial automotive and enterprise with customized solutions. At the same time, for the consumer storage market, BIWIN focuses on user experience and demand to carry out product innovation and design, to meet the needs of consumers for high-quality storage products.