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BIWIN TF200 Series MicroSD: Enhanced Raspberry Pi 4B Compatibility

Date:2024/01/22 Read:1352

BIWIN's TF200 series microSD cards have passed the Raspberry Pi 4B AVL certification, ensuring compatibility and adaptability with Raspberry Pi microcomputers.
 Raspberry Pi Certificate

The TF200 microSD cards underwent rigorous tests on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/4GB platform. These tests included loading each test card with a custom image (including the latest Bullseye image), an automated stress test script, and a locally accessible website using Google Puppeteer for automated testing. After over 15,000 power-off tests and over 2.7 million seconds of continuous operation, the product demonstrated a continuous write speed of over 26 MB/s, a random write speed of up to 717 IOPS, and a random read speed of up to 3525 IOPS. These results meet the testing benchmarks required by Raspberry Pi, ensuring efficient and stable operation of the Raspberry Pi devices.

TF200 series microSD cards

The TF200 series microSD cards feature firmware functionalities such as garbage collection and bad block management to ensure stable data recording without frame loss. The product reaches the U3 speed class and V30 video speed class, with sequential read and write speeds of up to 158 MB/s and 113 MB/s respectively, supporting 4K RAW ultra-high-definition video capture and high-speed continuous shooting. Leveraging the company's advanced packaging technologies like multi-layer stacking and ultra-thin Die, the product offers capacities up to 256 GB (with future releases of 512 GB and 1 TB). It also supports flash wear leveling technology with a P/E Cycle of 3000 times. With operational temperature ranges from -25 °C to 85 °C and features such as waterproofing, shock resistance, and temperature shock resistance, the product is well-equipped to handle various complex environmental challenges.

TF200 series microSD cards

The TF200 series microSD cards combine high stability, reliability, and durability, making them compatible with mainstream terminal devices. They are suitable for fields like video surveillance, digital education, industrial tablets, and dashcams. Leveraging its expertise in storage solution development and advanced testing, BIWIN can tailor storage device performance, reliability, and power consumption to meet the testing and certification requirements of SoC chips and system platforms. This adaptability ensures a high degree of compatibility with different platforms, effectively meeting the diverse storage needs of various terminal applications.