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BIWIN Partners with Leading Global eSports Team

Date:2024/03/30 Read:144

The League of Legends Division of Top ESports (TES) will partner with BIWIN, high quality maker of memory and storage components for eSports gaming hardware.

The championship team names BIWIN as the official and exclusive storage brand for its League of Legends division. BIWIN will support the TES LoL team's daily training with storage solutions with exceptional performance for professional eSports, aiding the pro team in its global pursuit of victory.

Official Designated Storage Brand for TES: BIWIN

BIWIN offers a comprehensive product range for gamers and pros including memory, solid-state drives (SSDs), portable SSDs, memory cards, NAS home storage, and more.

Since its beginning, the TES League of Legends division stands out in the global eSports arena with its professional competitive spirit and brilliant record, often winning honors in prestigious competitions (LPL Spring and Summer Seasons, League of Legends World Championships, and others--as well as the champion of the Demacia Cup).

Currently, the TES League of Legends division includes star players such as 369, Tian, Creme, JackeyLove, Meiko, Niket, and others.

BIWIN, Top Quality PC Components for Pro Speed, Capacity, and Reliability

A global supplier of storage and memory to top tier high tech companies, BIWIN’s recognition in embedded and industrial sectors has been augmented in recent years by a successful drive into consumer and enthusiast arenas. With renowned PC manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, and Acer granting BIWIN status as an official licensee of their brands for designing, building and marketing consumer storage products, BIWIN-made products are winning top product reports from industry press and analysts.

The common ground between eSports and PC storage technology comes at the intersection of performance and reliability, where hardware speed, stability, and access times make the difference between winning and losing.

The BIWIN company motto (Storage Empowers Everything) is certainly true in eSports arenas where pros depend upon computer performance to enable their gaming skills.

In one example, BIWIN’s WOOKONG series brings ultra-smooth gaming experience to eSports players worldwide. For example, the DX100 DDR5 overclocked memory module features a frequency of up to 8000 MHz and timings as low as CL36. And the NV7400 SSD and NV7400 Heatsink RGB SSD use the PCIe Gen4 x4 interface (supporting the high-speed NVMe 2.0 protocol), with sequential read and write speeds up to 7450 MB/s and 6500 MB/s respectively, and capacity up to 4 TB.

With speed and performance as the winning goal of both organizations, the League of Legends Division of Top ESports (TES) partnership with BIWIN makes a perfect relationship for both champions.