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AIC PCIe 33S1/33I1

BIWIN’s enterprise-level PCIe NVMe SSD is equipped with a master control with 8 flash memory channels, and the transmission bandwidth of the interface is PCIe 3.0(8Gb/s)x4 which supports the latest NVMe 1.3 protocol. Adopting 3D NAND flash chips, it has better stability, and used together with the LDPC error correction algorithm, its durability is increased several times. Supports End-to-End Data Protection and SRAM ECC functions, and the power protection circuit and super capacitor are added to prevent data loss in case of abnormal power failure. It is designed to match server chassis with multiple PCIe slots and possesses a better scaly cooling metal design, which is to be applied in enterprise data centers and cloud computing.


  1. Capacity: 3D NAND: 120GB~2TB
  2. Add-in-card PCIe G3X4 Interface
  3. 3D NAND+LDPC ECC Algorithm
  4. Support Dynamic Power Management
  5. Support Trim、NCQ、SMART
  6. Support Global Wear Leveling
  7. Support Active and Passive Garbage Collection
  8. Support Power Loss Protection
  9. Support end to end data protection


Product specifications
Model AIC PCIe 33S1/33I1
Interface Add-in-card PCIe G3X4/NVMe1.3
Capacity 120GB~2TB
Channel 8
Seq. Read/Write(MB/s,Max) 3064/1763
Power Consumption 7.2W(12Vx600mA)
Thermal Sensor Support
External Cache Support
Firmware Backup Support
TRIM Support
ATA Encryption Support
S.M.A.R.T Monitoring Support
AES 256-Bit Optional
Power-off Protection Support
Quick Erase
Physical Destruction
Working Temperature 0~70℃
Environment Temperature Shock:20G@7~2000Hz/Impact:1500G@0.5ms/Storage Temperature: -55°C ~ +95°C/MTBF:>3 million hours
Size 180.00 x 115.00 x 20.00mm
Application Server Storage / Monitor
Technical Features Underfill / AES Encryption / Firmware Backup / Anti-Vulcanization Technology / Wear Levelling / V-REC / Garbage Collection&TRIM / End-to-end Data Protection / Anti-Vulcanization Technology / Thermal Sensor